Greatest Hits - and mini-lessons


Here’s a quick reference list of popular examples, also remember the more “official” Samples & Freeware examples here in the: downloads section of our website.

Our Product Support Group (PSG) Recommends:
Powerup Message
Message Logger
I/O Enabler

Other favorites from the Samples & Freeware section:
Time of Day Scheduler Example (be sure to download the Tech Note too)
OptoScript usage samples
PAC Project Demo
Base 64 encode/decode
Send a PING from Memory Map
Chart to send email

From the forums:
Get Control Engine Info (like strategy name)
Re-format a SuperTrend file
Using PID + TPO
Email, Log, and check for High/Low values on a set of run-time-changable tags
SIMPLE Modbus example

HTTP related:
Get weather
Insert data into MySQL

Timing/date related: (besides the scheduler mentioned above)
Timers (in a table)
Build a string, in HH:MM:SS format, from an Integer
Elapsed time / countdown calculation
DateTimeToString: to build a timestamp that looks like: “2012-01-24 16:45:22”

Mary’s mini-lessons:
PAC Control 101: Why/when/how would I use POINTERS?
PAC Control 101: Communication Handles
PAC Control 201: Subroutines! (Roll your own command)
PAC Control 101: Why/when/how would I use a TABLE?
SNMP 101: or maybe 201: MIB, traps, and options for setting up your settings via PAC Control

Other nominees for this list? Requests? Send me a note!

Schedule Tool Kit for PAC Display
New to Opto 22, Need help figuring out SQL communication
Using Pac Display Alarming to trigger Plants Audible Alarm
Scheduling an event
How to create and include a strategy of calendar and time