Greatest Hits - and mini-lessons

Here’s a quick reference list of popular examples, also remember the more “official” Samples & Freeware examples here in the: downloads section of our website.

Our Product Support Group (PSG) Recommends:
Powerup Message
Message Logger
I/O Enabler

Other favorites from the Samples & Freeware section:
Time of Day Scheduler Example (be sure to download the Tech Note too)
OptoScript usage samples
PAC Project Demo
Base 64 encode/decode
Send a PING from Memory Map
Chart to send email

From the forums:
Get Control Engine Info (like strategy name)
Re-format a SuperTrend file
Using PID + TPO
Email, Log, and check for High/Low values on a set of run-time-changable tags
SIMPLE Modbus example

HTTP related:
Get weather
Insert data into MySQL

Timing/date related: (besides the scheduler mentioned above)
Timers (in a table)
Build a string, in HH:MM:SS format, from an Integer
Elapsed time / countdown calculation
DateTimeToString: to build a timestamp that looks like: “2012-01-24 16:45:22”

Mary’s mini-lessons:
PAC Control 101: Why/when/how would I use POINTERS?
PAC Control 101: Communication Handles
PAC Control 201: Subroutines! (Roll your own command)
PAC Control 101: Why/when/how would I use a TABLE?
SNMP 101: or maybe 201: MIB, traps, and options for setting up your settings via PAC Control

Other nominees for this list? Requests? Send me a note!