Email, Log, and check for High/Low values on a set of run-time-changable tags

Hi All,

For those of you wanting to log, email, and check for high/low values in your strategy (vs. letting PAC Display do those things for you), here’s a sample chart you can import into your strategy.

The advantage this method provides is that the set of “values to monitor” is stored as a list that you can change on the fly (it’s a persistent string table). So perhaps you want to add (or remove) a digital output value to the set of “things to watch and email me about.” Just put that tag name into the list via groov or PAC Display.

The data types currently supported for this alarming method: float, int32, analog output/input, digital out/in. Let me know if there’s a type you’d really like that I did NOT include, and I can ponder adding that to the list.

Also, I put lots of comments in here, but as always I hope you’ll not hesitate to ask questions or suggest possible improvements!


Here’s a sample of the message that gets logged to a file (or optionally emailed to you). Since this is all just Action Blocks and OptoScript, it’s super easy to adjust to your own needs. (6.98 KB)