Email, Log, and check for High/Low values on a set of run-time-changable tags


Hi All,

For those of you wanting to log, email, and check for high/low values in your strategy (vs. letting PAC Display do those things for you), here’s a sample chart you can import into your strategy.

The advantage this method provides is that the set of “values to monitor” is stored as a list that you can change [I]on the fly [/I](it’s a persistent string table). So perhaps you want to add (or remove) a digital output value to the set of “things to watch and email me about.” Just put that tag name into the list via [I]groov [/I]or PAC Display.

The data types currently supported for this alarming method: float, int32, analog output/input, digital out/in. Let me know if there’s a type you’d really like that I did NOT include, and I can ponder adding that to the list.

Also, I put lots of comments in here, but as always I hope you’ll not hesitate to ask questions or suggest possible improvements!


Here’s a sample of the message that gets logged to a file (or optionally emailed to you). Since this is all just Action Blocks and OptoScript, it’s super easy to adjust to your own needs. (6.98 KB)

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