What future features would you like to see in groov View?

I feel a compatibility gap between Groov view and pac control, in Pac Control is useful to use bits as Boolean variables for digital alarms monitoring system, however groov view can not see bits of an integer, on the other side groov view use Boolean variable for visibility tag; but in pac control this type of variable cannot be crated,
Both cases can be solved using node-red or Groov events; but considering that both software are combied in sinlge hardware with Epic, it would be less complex if:
A bit form an integer variable could be used as Boolean in Groov view or be able to create Boolean variable in Pac Control.
Other nice to have is a gadget to view 2 or more elemts of a table


Thanks Johnathan, great to hear.

Another one I just thought of, could we get a Layers panel in the Gadget Palette? Maybe even have the ability to group gadgets together to bind them in their respective layers? Im having an issue with this - I have three silos in a row, each silo has four layers (Empty, Low, Mid, High). Everything looks good and works for the silos, but then I notice that a different group of gadgets have now changed their layer arrangement despite being fine before drawing the Silos, so I go fix that, and then the Silos change order, and so on.

Layers and grouping are on my wishlist too. Especially after adding shapes: our in house graphics guy went crazy laying out a massive office diagram and some sort of pump thing. I don’t know how he did it without undo support.

But he laid it out in the desktop view, then popped over to the handheld view, and said “Nope, this ain’t happening.” :joy:

Excellent! Looking forward to that addition.
I could only imagine his reaction when seeing all his hard work exploded in handheld haha.

  1. to have the option of select an integer variable to indicate the index of a table during tag assignation, that way the value or string to be shown by a gadget would depend on a variable index; these shall be implemented for every tag assignation.
    For example in an event the alert message can come from string table and the index indicated by a value of an integer variable
  2. To have a gadget to show a rage of index from a table, it shall look like a table with multiple rows.
  3. Implement the option of create boolean variables in Pac Control visible as boolean tag in Groov View .
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I want to second Maxlugo’s point on the gap between groove View boolean variables and PAC control Int32 variables. I have many cases where I’m using PAC control I32 variables as boolean on/off switches and I can’t use them in groove View buttons.

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  • Display tables in a single instance of a gadget, as discussed above.
  • Option to wrap text or display ‘/n’ when they’re part of a string in a Text Area.

Thinking about layers and gadget visibility. Is it possible for gadgets to check their visibility condition prior to loading the gadget? There is a pretty significant delay when loading a page where invisible gadgets are visible.

There is a similar case with the Auto Navigator, when loading a page could the auto-navigator load first? reduce/eliminate the delay.

Finally, the visibility feature is nice but I can’t use it to stack gadgets. If an invisible gadget is on top of a visible one the visible button can not be selected.

Edit - Also if a gadget references a table, have the table index capable of being a variable.

This would be particularly useful when a client needs to “select” a recipe or something from a drop down menu that references a table.

I thought of a few more things around Events:

  • Allow events to use other events as tags - this would allow for more complex conditional statements
  • And/or allow users to make Events with more complex conditional statements - instead of the ‘any’ or ‘all’ drop-down have (X and Y) or Z
  • Add the ability to hide the Events counter when in view mode. If I’m using 50+ events to control what currently being displayed then the counter quickly looses meaning.
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  • Check boxes( and buttons) with tags to Int or Floats - allow us to set the value being written by the check box/button not just default to 0 or 1 when its toggle off or on.

I hope you can input mathematical conversion directly on groov.
Example native unit is in sec. enter /60 to make in minute directly in groov.

Wrapping text!

Customer asked me to put some instructions on a groov view screen. Okay, no problem. Go to do what should be simple and seriously, no wrapping???

It is annoying to have to manually word wrap after changing the text area width or font size. This is not what my customers should be paying me to do.

Yes, I’m a bit annoyed at this because it would likely be faster for the devs to put this option in than for me to manually adjust all this text all over again.

That’s been bugging me literally for years, and I’m afraid to fix it because inevitably someone is going to be relying on the crummy behavior. :joy:

One of the big goals/selling points when groov View was first developed was “everything is SVG, so it will scale across all of your devices”, which ended up being not so great (or even true, really) in retrospect. By implementing everything using SVG, we threw out a lot of default browser behaviors like hover states for links and buttons, and automatic text wrapping.

I need to rewrite that gadget to render plain HTML instead of SVG.

Edit: Oh, and for extra fun you have to lay out text separately for the Desktop and Mobile views because it’s certainly going to have to wrap differently. /sigh

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Any development on having Groov View log into a set page on startup without having to log in as a user?

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This may be the wrong thread to post in but I figured its better than creating a new one. Can the Groov mobile application be addressed?
If you have a project set to fullscreen and accidentally slide from the left, going back to your device list, then go back into your project the red hostname/nav bar pop back up. Likewise, if you turn your device from portrait to landscape, the red nav bar comes back but this time its covering the project menu bar.

Is there a way to make a “kiosk” profile of the app that I can give the customer? Something that gives us a check list of things we can lock the customer out of? Stuff like hiding the hostname, no navigation inside the app except their Groov project, locking orientation, hiding the menu bar, etc.

Visibility and Invisibility on INT 32 values and on Analog Values too.

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Be able to set a variable in case of event, is esential for a control system; so add this functionality to events configuration, would be a pluss for Groov view

I have some view pages that are just for simple configuration settings that the user gets to by pressing a button on another page. I would like the ability to hide these configuration pages in the navigation menu, but still be able to open them from a button. Unfortunately, hiding them makes them completely unavailable.

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I would like to be able to bind the visibility of a shape to a strategy variable directly. Not sure why, but it looks like it only supports digital points and events.

It would be good to specify the criteria as well, like we can do for LED color.