What future features would you like to see in groov View?

Is it possible to create an alarming image? I know that sounds bad, but literally, like a flashing alarm light? This would be great for noting a trouble condition in a system.

Please start a new thread for these requests… What you are looking for is in the gif library…

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Apologies, I will. Thanks for the link!

The value of Value gadget able to displayed as center-justified…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Can we have the ability to load a GROOV page on startup without having to “LOG IN”. Even if the PR1 only does it once there is a screen attached via HDMI. Give us a tickbox on the page setup for it not to require log in. My clients are driving me crazy

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We hear you and the devs are working on it. (Its not trivial).


I would like the ability to collapse ‘Categories’ in the page view. (Didn’t the original groov view have this feature?)

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ability to embed iframe… Please Please Please.


Yes, this will be a big issue one we finish our development on our new system using Epic & Groov. The ability to not have to have the customer to have to ‘log in’. Does the ‘kiosk’ mode do this?

Kiosk mode is intended to keep a user logged in, but doesn’t let you bypass logging in in the first place.

Ok, I guess I’m thinking of our first Groov project with Linux where we used some phyton script that would automatically enter the User Name & Password then would continue to open Groov in kiosk mode. This was pre Epic, but it was a Linux app that Opto helped with. We’ll probably try something similar. Are they working on shortening the Epic boot up time, I think its about 3 minutes now. I heard this was being worked on.
Thanks Dave

Yeah, it did. My fault, I thought being able to filter/search for pages would be more comfortable for folks. Need to put it back.

If the users power the unit down each night it becomes a problem. Here in Africa if something stays powered on over night it gets stolen. Where there is light there is something to steal :slight_smile:

When the users power the EPIC back up it should boot straight into whichever page we tell it to that does not require a login

Sorry if I sound like a stuck pig. 3rd world problems

Let’s Encrypt does work with DNS challenge. This does not require any public facing connections. I have tested this on my test Groov EPIC. I had to massage the commands a bit, but nothing hard. This does work with several DNS Systems out there. The one I used was cloudflare.

I now have certificates I could use.

[Tue Mar 10 05:38:25 UTC 2020] Your cert is in /home/dan/.acme.sh/nrtest1.netdna.io/nrtest1.netdna.io.cer
[Tue Mar 10 05:38:25 UTC 2020] Your cert key is in /home/dan/.acme.sh/nrtest1.netdna.io/nrtest1.netdna.io.key
[Tue Mar 10 05:38:25 UTC 2020] The intermediate CA cert is in /home/dan/.acme.sh/nrtest1.netdna.io/ca.cer
[Tue Mar 10 05:38:25 UTC 2020] And the full chain certs is there: /home/dan/.acme.sh/nrtest1.netdna.io/fullchain.cer

It would be great to have the ability to install these certs. Even if you don’t have a script or system, can you use this and tell what/where to replace or change to make this work?

The guide to create the certs is:

This should be its own thread, not part of the Wish List thread.

You can upload your own certificate in groov Manage on your GRV-EPIC-PR1. From the home page, click Security, then Server SSL, then Upload Certificate.

The ability to acknowledge/de-activate/turn off/ignore event alarms from the operation screen (not login to build mode).

  • The addition of the shape gadget is great, but can we please change the minimum size restraint to say 1x1 “square” of the grid?

  • For the divider gadget is there future plans to have a diagonal option? Or, perhaps the ability to rotate all gadgets? Being able to display text vertically would be awesome from a design perspective (keeping the text left to right but rotating the frame 90°).

  • I noticed that the color selection pop-up for the shape gadget is a typical rgb picker, could we get the same picker for all color options instead of the pre-defined swatches?

  • (not a wishlist item) I noticed on the Range Indicator Gadget, that if you remove the Value and the Label text there is what looks to be a colon artifact that I can’t get rid of. The padding for the label and value is very large and I typically get rid of it, then put a Value Gadget on top of it which allows for more sizing and layering options.

Hmm, it’s at 2x2 minimum now. I can’t recall why I decided on that, I’ll reply back again if I remember.

I’d like to, yeah. Dealing with the grid constraints there make it kind of hairy.

Eventually, yeah. Using the browser built-in color picker was a bit of an experiment. It didn’t become feasible until April 2019, when it finally reached supported status in all the major browsers. It’s still not supported in Internet Explorer, but you can type a hex value in directly.

Yeah, we have a bug in the system for that. It won’t be fixed in the next release of groov View, but it’ll be in the following one.

Is the date time gadget still on top of the list?