What future features would you like to see in groov View?


This would make designing Tag Matrix in groov view easier:
In the properties of table variables, make the variable name and index separate field.
That way, I can configure multiple tag to have the same variable name (column) or the same index (row).


Global Tag/Value color setting.


Gah, now I’m picturing theming in general. Like where choosing a page background color tweaks the default colors for buttons and text and the like, you could just design a theme for your application and set that instead.


I like the way you think. :+1:


This might combine a couple of previous requests, a state-based message display gadget. The gadget is tied to a single tag, usually integer. Tag values correspond to individual states. Each state can be configured with custom text, text properties (font, size, styling, etc.), text color, background color, and image. It would also be nice if the text can reference other tag values.


I am late arriving to the groov Wish List party but it will be nice to have ‘pop up windows’ for Alarms/Events…


The alarm and response methods used by PAC Dispaly are very good. Can Groov use the same approach?


Add option to always return the desktop view, even to mobile devices. Add the option to switch to the desktop view from a small screen device.

Groov Android App (mobile access) broken?

Add the ability for a gadget to display/read the value from one tag, and write the value to a different tag.


Add the ability to select multiple gadgets and if they are bound to a table, be able to change their index at the same time.

To expand on the above, add a setting that when copying and pasting gadgets that are bound to a table, that when you paste, the index is automatically incremented by one.

Edit: I have more, but three post limit… I guess they are for another day.


And the ability to write to multiple tags simultaneously (same value goes to multiple tags).


Gadgets Visibility attribute.

Multi option button, slider, gadget (not only on/off)

Ability to log user interactions.


Notification is also the important feature.


Write multiple variables simultaneously through a button


Just found this one. How about Time Zone by controller. When you have one groov dealing with controllers in different time zones the data gets trended according to the time zone the groov is set for, not the time in that controller. Makes viewing trends confusing. Not suggesting multiple controller time zones within a trend (baby steps), just a time zone for a trend based on the controller location. If this was a parameter that was set as part of the controller setup in groov it would be great.


Trend data is stored in UTC, so controller timezone shouldn’t matter. The issue is that groov uses its own timezone rather than the browsers for display.

Maybe if there was an option in groov to detect and use the browser timezone (or UTC offset rather), that would take care of that.

Also, if you change the timezone on a PR1, it has to be restarted before groov view will recognize it. It would also be nice if there was a way to restart various services in groov manage without having to reboot the whole PR1.


I read the request as “I have devices that I’m trending that are in multiple time zones, and I’d like the trend to reflect the time zone that the devices are in, not the one groov is in.”

So you wouldn’t want the browser’s time zone either.

I think I have a fix for that in the next release. There’ll still be a delay, but it should correct itself within a minute or so.


Ability to use a second tag as a comparator in the events.


You can already do this;

Just add another and so on and then pick if they are AND or OR.


No. Maybe I worded it wrong. I want to compare one tag against another.

TagA > TagB