What future features would you like to see in groov View?


This would make designing Tag Matrix in groov view easier:
In the properties of table variables, make the variable name and index separate field.
That way, I can configure multiple tag to have the same variable name (column) or the same index (row).


Global Tag/Value color setting.


Gah, now I’m picturing theming in general. Like where choosing a page background color tweaks the default colors for buttons and text and the like, you could just design a theme for your application and set that instead.


I like the way you think. :+1:


This might combine a couple of previous requests, a state-based message display gadget. The gadget is tied to a single tag, usually integer. Tag values correspond to individual states. Each state can be configured with custom text, text properties (font, size, styling, etc.), text color, background color, and image. It would also be nice if the text can reference other tag values.


I am late arriving to the groov Wish List party but it will be nice to have ‘pop up windows’ for Alarms/Events…


The alarm and response methods used by PAC Dispaly are very good. Can Groov use the same approach?