What future features would you like to see in groov View?


It would be nice to have the ability to do bar graphs as well as line graphs. I envision something similar to graphs in Excel were you have the ability to have more then one axis, one on the left and one on the right. Having the ability to combine a bar and line graph giving you the ability to have a goal line across the graph and giving you the ability to change the bar color depending if it is above or below the line.

What would you be graphing in the bar portions? The graphs as they are now are for showing trends over time, which is why they’re limited to line graphs.

Currently we are developing a method of showing live stats within a process. We are showing total good pieces made each hour over 12 hours. The target or goal line would also change depending on what part number we were running during that hour as well. If we fall below the goal line that hour would be red. If we hit the goal or go above the bar that hour would be a different color.

True, some type of graph (not trending) is important to compare with other desired value side by side.
A single numeric display is not enough.
Say you want to know how much each machine have made for a given time…

But thinking a lot how to do this have led me to this:

Level Gadget plus Un-editable divider.
Sorry for trying hard. :wink:

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I needed something like this to display 15 minute energy readings: Interactive trend for 15 minute energy readings

My groov solution didn’t work well visually, so we moved on to another option:

It would be nice to have things like this built in to groov. Or to be able to display 3rd party charts in groov using an iFrame gadget (another long time request).

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A user account that doesn’t require a login.
This is super frustrating. There are devices that I want to be able to display specific screens that don’t need any security or login. I want the pc to boot up and directly open groov view on a web browser, but the requirement of a login negates the whole purpose of a ‘kiosk’ setting when the browser will not save cookies while in kiosk mode. This is ridiculous and there is no practical reason to not have a user account without a login. I am abandoning groov for any kiosk purpose because it is essentially useless.


In Line to Kiosk - Be able to not require TLS (HTTPS)… I used a smart TV browser to access groov View. But the Warning Page button is not recognize by the browser - so is stuck at Certificate Warning Page.

To be blunt: the correct solution here is to install a TLS certificate that’s signed by a trusted root authority. It’s not something we can provide, unfortunately.

Incidentally, we’ve talked about supporting LetsEncrypt. The problem is, it generally requires your server to be addressable on the public internet, which isn’t the case for a lot of groov installations, and not really something we want to promote anyway.

The ability to trigger a pop-up window and pages! Everything else I have done so far seems to have a work-around, but this is a must!

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Need to be able to pop up sub-windows or sub-pages

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I agree that this is frustrating. I got around it recently using an auto-login Chrome extension. Not the most elegant solution but it worked.

This is my whish list. Some items where already covered before in this post:

  • dynamic pointers to access arrays
  • Tables
  • combo / dropdown boxes
  • date/time picker
  • Range, image and gauge indicators should have a way to link the range values to tags.
  • Dynamic enabling and visibility properties for gauges
  • Numeric Spin controls (increment numeric values in steps)

Graphics Visibility or button access as per login access.

It would be great to have a version of the Groov View app for windows.
A bit redundant I know but more end-user friendly and it would solve a few problems for me. First the launch-on-startup problem mentioned above. Second every so often Chrome becomes unresponsive and needs to be restarted. The second problem has caused some alarm for our customers as they immediately assume that the controller is having a problem.

Like this? https://www.opto22.com/products/groov-svr-win-base
Its been out for a few years now. Or perhaps I have your request confused?

I may be wrong here but is’nt that still viewed through a browser window? What Im looking for is something that mimics the Groov view app being used on smartphones.

The groov View app on a smartphone is simply the phones browser in full screen mode.
You can mimic this on a PC by resizing the browser to the same size as the phone.
Or a more advanced way is to use a browser plug in and change browsers user agent to that of a phone browser.

We’re not likely to do a native version of groov View: running in a web browser is kind of the whole point. The mobile apps are mostly just wrappers around a web browser to let you ditch the browser chrome (e.g. the url bar, navigation, etc) and run them in a nice kiosk mode.

Right! Thats all I want, just a nicely wrapped browser window that gives the appearance of being a program like Pac Display. Its not a huge deal just something on my wishlist.
Currently if we run Groov View in full screen mode (on a touchscreen with no keyboard) and it fails to load the “X” to close the browser is hidden. I guess the hidden drop-down “X” at the top center of the screen is just not general knowledge because I get phone calls for support and then I have to login just to close and reopen a browser window.