Interactive trend for 15 minute energy readings

I would like to store 15 minute energy data - in a PAC, I record a meter reading, wait 15 minutes take the difference - I would like to graph this data. A stepped or bar graph would be best. So I would have four entries each hour showing the amount of kWh used in that fifteen minute period.

Also, since the data isn’t available until the end of the 15 minute period, it would be nice to be able to pick which side of the interval the bar is on. So the energy measured between 8:00am and 8:15 am would show up between those values.

Will this be possible with groov?

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Will or is?.. We plan to add more chart types in the future, so yeah, will this be possible with groov? One day - soonish.
Is? Today, not by using the trend gadget…
The only way (pure groov way) I can think of is to be a little creative. Mary talked about making different types of graphs out of the different gadgets in a post here; Historian Plot In Groov
This is one way to do this today by just using groov.

Another way would be to use an external graphing package and have it build an image of the graph and then use the groov Video Camera gadget to link to that graphic.
Since I already have it set up, I would use JPGraph Plot a graph from MySQL data But its a bit of work to start from scratch. There are faster learn graphing packages out there today.

Lets know how you end up visualizing the data Philip. 15 minute energy use is not going away any time soon and its important to show that data to the end user.

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Thanks Ben. Good to know this is on the road map.

For now, I am trending the meter reading I calculate in the PAC (which only updates every 15 minutes) and set groov to record the same value multiple times making a psuedo stepped graph. Will just have to deal with the 15 minute offset mentally.

Using an external graphing package is certainly possible as well, but the current plan is to not have a PC running continuously. If containers (Docker) ever make it into groov, that would be really nice, depending on how much storage was made available.

I’m just curious, you mention you don’t want to have a PC running all the time, but are you using a groov Box here, or groov Server for Windows that is only turned on during business hours?

The plan is to have a groov box, but for development, I am running groov server on my local machine.