What are your favorite nodes & cloud services?

Hi OptoFans, especially those who Node-RED,

What Nodes (besides our SNAP and groov nodes) are you using?
Here’s some especially popular ones I’ve seen in practice:

  • Various databases (which do you use?)
  • Ping
  • Email (both send and receive)
  • Modbus (read/write)

We’ve provided various notes and tools on getting info to/from various MSP (managed service provider) and cloud offerings, e.g:

Even before Node-RED we were moving data to various public and private clouds, especially with our EMU (Energy Monitoring Unit) to services like eSight Energy and Pulse Energy, but also:

Now I’m seeing more cloud-based MSPs like:

Where are you getting/sending/keeping your data?
Are you using Node-RED for that? PAC Control’s HttpPOST / GET commands? (Or maybe tcp comm handles from before that?)

Do share!


I use node-red-contrib-aws to push data to Amazon AWS service. In particular I use the Simple Notification Service to send alarms out. Node-Red sends a message to AWS SNS, which then makes AWS responsible for sending e-mails and/or SMS messages to the subscribers. I also have some subroutines to send messages to AWS from my PAC Control strategy, but I have not used any of it in a production project yet.

This allows me to avoid the headache of keeping up with SMTP security restrictions - it sucks when your alarms don’t make it to the end user - am I right?


Yes! And given how often those certs seem to change these days (darn criminals!!) I love the idea of having AWS worry about all those details for you!


Does the AWS sms service provide any type of delivery receipt/verification?


Looks like it can be setup - if you want a log you need to have some s3 storage for it.