USB to WiFi Adapter

Hi guys and gals

In the RIO users guide it states the TP Link Archer T1U is compatible with the RIO.
This device is no longer being produced and is replaced with the T2U which I can buy locally.
Before I buy I want to make sure it will work? I assume it will but that’s landed me in trouble before.


T1U will work.
T2U will NOT work. (I and others have tested it).

You are kind of ahead of the curve by ~1.8 days, but we have some good news coming about Wifi adapters for the RIO. (If you can wait that long).

I can wait - thanks Ben

Great news. I can hardly wait :yum:

1.8 days have passed, Ben :rofl:

Yup. And in just a few hours, the web guys will post it to the site and you will be good to go.

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Slight glitch in the Matrix… a ‘few’ more hours please… (Trust me, its worth the wait).

hanging on for dear life here…

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The suspense is killing me.

Ok, so the slight glitch has clearly delayed things longer than we wanted/hoped/planed.
Monday the 30th is our new target.

Still glitching there guys n gals?

The 3.0 Firmware for groov RIO has been released yesterday.

The readme is available here.

Now the groov RIO supports the Netis WF2190 USB to WiFi Adapter.

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The Netis WF2190 seems to be too big, any dongle alternative?

Yes. Just check the users guide for the different Wifi adapters we support.

For the dongle you have perhaps you can use a USB extension lead. They are available in all different lengths.