EPIC WIFI Troubleshooting

Opto Team,

I have Netis WF2190 that we have been using in the shop for quite a while for updates, it has been working fine all this time, but since I last installed the latest firmware on the Epic 3.3.2-b.93, I cannot longer connect to the wifi, I tried multiple networks, even phone hotspot, in addition, confirmed the actual wifi donlge is operational by connecting to a network on the computer.

The device is indeed recognized by the epic, assigns a MAC address, but it just displays no signal on the network.

is there any troubleshooting I can do to try to fix this issue? I am not sure if its an isolated, or generalized problem related to the firmware update, I guess I can try reverting back to an older version.


We added some new network features in 3.3.0 and wifi got some blowback.
We have found and fixed the bug for 3.4, but for now, setup and configure the wifi, be sure and hit save then reboot the controller. Wifi will connect when the controller starts up with the wifi plugged in.

KB article is in the works, sorry you caught this before we had it written up.

Makes sense, we normally connect the USB dongle after the Controller had powered up.

The walkaround works fine, thanks for the update.

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