Groov EPIC 3.3.3 Firmware has been released

This release is a maintenance bug fix release.
(We are still very hard at work for the 3.4.0 release which once again has some very cool new features).

If you are using both RIO and EPIC then these two releases go hand in hand.
@philip found a bug with RIO getting configured. We have found and fixed it, but it needs both new RIO firmware (hence the 3.3.1release for it a week or so back) and new PAC Control engine firmware, hence this EPIC 3.3.3 release.

Along with that fix is a get and restart pulse measurement fix.
If you are on a crazy busy network with a TON of traffic, we found and fixed a bug were the EPIC would slow to a crawl or sometimes lose its IO (red I/O module LEDS).
Setting scaling values might not be right sometimes, so we fixed that one.
There was an issue with setting analog point filter, offset and gain in both groov Manage and PAC Control channel config check box. Got that sorted.
We also fixed the bug where you would need to power cycle the EPIC for it to join a newly configured Wifi SSID as caught by a few of you on these forums.
Lastly we fixed the bug that prevented you from entering your Steinhart-Hart Coefficients in the GRV-ITR-12 module.

As usual, jump into your portal to get it.

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Thanks for the heads up Ben. Do you know if they were able to track down the cause of the IsIOUnitCommEnabled issue?

Im not sure about that one Philip.
The focus on this release was the config blip.
I will see what I can find out…