Relay outputs turn off after download and run, but indicate on

I’m having an issue with the relay outputs on RIOs turning off after a download to PR1 that communicates with them.

The bad thing about this is that groov Manage on the RIO and the strategy continue to “see” the output as being on when it is off. Yes, IVAL and XVAL are both on, groov Manage State also shows On, but the relay is open.

Here is what PAC Control shows, but the output is really off:
(Side note: Why is the Quality Bad here? It always says bad (Looks like this one has been fixed: KB89327). Also clicking More Info is a shortcut to closing PAC Control quickly, version 10.3. (Seems fixed in 10.4))

Here is groov Manage:

If I send a TurnOn command from the strategy, it does turn it on. If I click Toggle in manage, it changes the state to Off and stays off. Toggle again and it turns on.

If I uncheck “Enable communications from control engine” in the Edit I/O Unit dialog and then call the SetIoUnitConfiguredFlag in powerup, then enable communications then the relay stays closed. This happens to be the same work-around for the totalizers and counters getting reset and so far I haven’t warmed up to it. I’m sure the Devs have their reasons for implementing the RIO this way, but please encourage them to find another way.

Unfortunately, I suspect we are seeing this re-initialization behavior after certain types of communication losses (RIO IsIOUnitCommEnabled not working?) and I’m not sure how I can employ this work-around in that scenario. I’m thinking I could call SetIoUnitConfiguredFlag in the IO enabler chart, but haven’t tested that yet. These communications losses happen daily and are outside my control.

SetIoUnitConfiguredFlag is a legacy command and it doesn’t allow pointers as parameters. So I am stuck without any work-around since the IO enabler uses pointers.


I’m getting a Boot ID doesn’t match the controller’s stored value; performing full config errors in the event log occasionally. This is happening after everything has been running for a while.

I’m suspecting this full config is causing the outputs to turn off.

This issue has been resolved by a combination of groov EPIC firmware 3.3.3 and groov RIO firmware 3.3.1. See the following KB articles for details:

KB90189 “groov RIO I/O unit reconfigured after power cycle or strategy download; output channels change values”

KB90196 “Digital output channel turns off or toggles after downloading and running PAC Control strategy”