Groov RIO in the flesh

I have a working unit on my desk, so feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

You can read about it in our blog post here;

There is a single page describing it on our website as well;

Download the press release from here;

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Outside of Modbus, will SNAP-PACs be able to talk to these (OptoMMP)?

Also, broken URL on this page: for this URL:

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Yes. With the soon coming release of PAC Project 10.3 you will be able to use the RIO as remote IO on PAC systems. It will show up just like an EB currently does.

Thanks for the tip on the dead link. Will get the web team on it.

EDIT. Dead link now fixed.

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When will the specifications of all the input and output signals be available?

As soon as I get them, I will link the data sheet here.
We are still working on it, here is a taste of some of the I/O;

We would like to wait till such a time that we can take the ‘Preliminary’ off the data sheet… It should be by the 28th of this month.

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This might help visualize some of the IO configurations possible.

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looking forward to this product! Exciting times


Hi, can data like logs be saved into usb memory drive or usb ssd?

Yes! It has Node-RED on board, we have already done a sample flow that we will be sharing soon that uses the RIO as a USB datalogger.


From the press release – “the first unit in the Groov RIO family”… any teasers on what other family members might be?

Think of RIO as a really intelligent single groov EPIC module… what other EPIC modules might work well in this form factor?
Is that a big enough hint?

I’m not trying to be a wet blanket or anything, but this hardly covers expansion past one EPIC rack. I mean this is only 10 points of I/O with two of those being relay outputs…
There needs to be something equivalent to the SNAP EB for an EPIC rack so we can expand past one EPIC rack using EPIC I/O modules.

Does Opto even do industrial anymore? :expressionless:


12 in and 12 out :slight_smile:

8 configurable I/O points (digital in or out, or analog in or out, plus a few other options) + 2 mechanical relays for 10 total I/O.

Can the ethernet ports be daisy chained or do we need a switch to connect multiple ones together?

Yes, the ports can be daisy chained. They have the one IP address and act like a two port switch.
Just keep in mind that only ETH1 works with PoE, so if you want to use them with PoE then you will end up with a star network.

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Is there a way to retrieve a counter off the RIO via Node-RED? Or is our only option via PAC Control? I’m looking at ways we can leverage the on-board Node-RED for some basic automation.

Hey ya Arlin, take a look at the new groov IO nodes; New groov IO Nodes
They can read point features, like a counter for example.
So yes, using Node-RED, with these nodes, you can read them directly into your flow.

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Same question but reading a counter off a SNAP-PAC into Node-RED (slight detour off-topic, I realize)? The PAC nodes don’t seem to support this, or am I missing something?

That should work using MMP.
We just need to double check that the new groov-IO nodes can do MMP with PAC Controllers (pretty sure it can, but I personally have not tested it)