Groov EPIC 3.3.1 Firmware has been released

Hey everyone.

We have a new firmware release for the groov EPIC.
Coming in as 3.3.0 there are a slew of new features, lets bullet point the highlights super quick:

  • Users can now be configured with a global or per user session timeout value.
  • Update the LetsEncrypt certificate.
  • Moved the Network option out of the System page and onto its own menu button.
  • Broke out the Network Diagnostics link into each function with their own menu buttons.
  • Port Redirect feature refined. (Don’t forget it is also part of the API so can be turned on and off via REST calls).
  • Static routes added to the Network options.
  • GRV-IVAPM-3. Three phase power monitoring module. (Lots more about these two modules soon).
  • GRV-MM1001-10. Pretty much our RIO mixed signal, multi-function module on a rack.
  • groov View project and trends are now automatically backed up and restored as part of a firmware update going forward. (Don’t forget to back it (and everything else) up from groov Build before doing this update!).
  • Added support for the 10 to 25 v AC digital input channel type on the GRV-IDCI-12.
  • Added support for the ‘Disabling’ of points on the GRV-ITR-12 to speed up scanning of the points that are in use. Along with this, the option of ‘FastADC’ for the entire module to speed it up even further (with a few percent hit in accuracy).
  • Modules menu button was renamed I/O. Added I/O Services link at the bottom of the page.
  • Moved the I/O Reference button to Info and Help menu.
  • Ignition and Ignition Edge versions 7 and 8 were updated.
  • Node-RED.
    • Added new user type for Dashboard access only (can not view or edit flows).
    • Added the ability to view Node-RED dashboard on the EPIC touch screen
    • Added on screen keyboard for Node-RED dashboard.
    • Added the option to launch the Node-RED dashboard at first login.
    • Upgraded Node-RED to version 2.0.6 and Node.js version to 12.22.
  • Upgraded Codesys runtime engine and Opto 22 Library Package versions.
  • Over 20 bug fixes.

As usual, more info in the readme and KBs, or ask here and I will see what I can find out.
Grab your update file from your portal.


Is the above the correct p/n for an EPIC I/O module? I do not see it as an available choice at Opto22 - Demo: groov EPIC Configurator

Doesn’t look like the new modules are on the website yet, can’t find form 2351 or 2353.

@Beno, you didn’t mention this: GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3

More info coming soon.
The part numbers are correct, but they are not for pre-order yet.
I guess I should have been more clear about the hype cycle… They are real products, I have them on my desk, they are a few weeks from release if that.

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Its more than a few weeks out Philip, so no mention. The other two EPIC modules will be released before the RIO energy monitoring unit.

Just a headsup forum lurkers…(And I say that very affectionately)

Our QA team here just found a bug in computed tags in groov View.
As such around Nov 2nd we are going to release 3.3.1 that addresses this bug. At the moment, that’s the only update/change that will be in 3.3.1.

Will keep you posted.

I just know that one (or more) of you is going to ask when is 3.3 out for the RIO… And yes, its got a lot of similar updates as the EPIC 3.3.0.
Our target date (which we reserve the right to change! (grin)) is Nov 22nd.


Ok, the current firmware 3.3.1 has just been placed in your portal.


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Any updates on this new RIO? I have an application with automatic transfer switches we could us it on.

Do you specifically need just one?
The GRV-IVAPM-3 is shipping and does the exact same thing.

I needed them for some automatic transfer switches so a full controller rack would be a bit much. They would be stand alone to provide modbus back to the main PLC.

Ah, gotcha. No problem, I just wondered if you had a few switches in the one location, the EPIC would be better for that sort of cluster.

The RIO-EMU is still in works, we don’t have a firm date yet… I can say I have a few on my desk, so its under heavy inhouse testing/QA etc.