What future features would you like to see in groov View?

Your request is not really a groov View ‘thing’ (I mean it is related, but the code to pull it off is not 100% groov View), so there are a lot of software engineers looking and working on this.

One of the core issues we are trying to address by adding this feature is how to maintain some security.
Removing the user/password is not something we take lightly.

understood, thanks Ben.
would it make things any easier if the page was “read-only”
or perhaps even a auto login option. It sounds easy to me but reading between the lines it seems to be a challenge.

Our client, who runs over 18 EPICS on their sites keeps hammering me about having to log in each morning to see the visuals. With the EPIC being locked away in a panel and us running a long HDMI cable for the visuals makes it a headache for them to open the panels each morning and log in via the on screen keyboard.

Here in Africa things like a wireless mouse etc etc find legs and vanish within a day.

The ability to select multiple objects and use a Find and Replace on them similar to PacDisplay. The Find and Replace, Search For: “Table Index, Offset By:” and “Exact Text” allows me to do in minutes that takes hours or even days in Groov.


In Value gadgets, can we get a text alignment property? That would be pretty handy. Pic below is an obvious example of how I would use it.
Value Gadget Alignment

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You can probably pull off the layout you’re looking for with a Text Area gadget, but yeah, in general I think it was probably a mistake to bake a label in with the Value gadget: we’d have been better off with both Label and Value gadgets. It would’ve made it much easier for people to get the layouts they want.

Considering nowaday data acquisition, would be nice to have
a Gadget to view a number of row and columns of a table from a data base or from pac control table

Ben, I updated a key client to 3.3.1 yesterday and noticed a new little remember me tick box when logging into grow view :slight_smile:

We ticked it and boom. Groov view was loading into the page without logging on each time. Smiles all around. Not sure if this new feature was directly related but thank you guys so much for getting this done. I haven’t read anything about it so maybe I missed it.


That tick box got a leading screen shot on our blog:

And a solid mention on the forums:

But yeah, its pretty cool and thanks for the feedback.


A way to go to the previous page with a link or button would be helpful.

It would be really nice if the groov (mobile) app resumed at the page you left off instead of a complete restart at the default page.

The ability to scale images smaller (esp. svg/gif files).

fan GIF

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Preserve z-order on copy and paste.

When copy and pasting between different windows, preserve the layout between both the Desktop view and the Handheld view, not just one of them.

When copy and pasting between different windows, preserve the layout between both the Desktop view and the Handheld view, not just one of them.

To be clear, you’re talking about different groov View Pages here, not browser windows, right?

I’m not sure what you mean there: I would assume that any gadget pasted onto a page would end up at the very top of the z-stack. (or if it were a proper image editing program, it’d go one level above the current layer you have selected)

Yes, between groov View Pages. If you copy and paste on the desktop view, the handheld view layout is not preserved and vice versa.

As a group, that may be, but within that group of gadgets the z-order is not preserved. If I have multiple gadgets selected that have a particular z-order, when they are copied and pasted, the z-order within the group of pasted gadgets is changed.

Would like to have the ability to RGB or other color scale options on all color options in groov view not just on shape gadget. I mean I have to make a large rectangle to color code background colors on gadgets. it’s not an option with text color only specific color options.

Was this mentioned:

Programmable min and max value in Color Ranges of Range Indicator?

Being able to change the color of the range indicator’s indicator would be very useful. It is usually not ideal to it only be blue. Makes the gadget’s usefulness very limited to what color scheme you are using.

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I really wish buttons can go one step smaller, similar size with nav buttons.

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