EPIC unsecured file access via Ignition Edge

I’m trying to use the relatively new file transfer capability with Ignition Edge and am running into permission issues for the unsecured files in the EPIC. Using scripts in Ignition, I’d like to download a still-image jpeg from a security camera to the EPIC. The library urllib and function urlRetrieve do that well on my Windows computer, but I can’t get it to work on the EPIC. When I try to save file to the EPIC unsecured directory ‘/home/dev/unsecured/’, I get ‘permission denied’ from the Opto side.

Is there a way to open up access to these files for Edge to read/write to?

Have you tested the jpg download in just /home/youruser to see if that part works?
ie, break it down a bit and see what bit is unhappy.

I’ve been trying to send the file to a number of places. /home/dev/ and /home/user/ haven’t had any luck. I did also try creating a different subdirectory in unsecured the post below and giving it some wider access permissions through chown. In the end, I’d prefer to limit writes to the edge, but I’ll take what I can get for my local proof of concept.

Ok, so the problem then sounds like the sender, not the file as such.
We know that you can save a file, create a file or delete a file lots of different ways with no issue.

I take it in your case the ‘sender’ is Ignition?

EDIT: What I am trying to say is that the camera part is working, are you using Ignition to capture the jpg and send it to the local file system and that is where the issue is?

The camera part is working, the code is in Ignition to capture the jpg, which it does. The issue is actually writing the file on the local system area. I’m digging through some posts on linux permissions, which I think is the right direction.