Add sub-directory to /unsecured

Is it possible to add a sub-directory to the EPIC /unsecured folder? I’m guessing I’ll have to get shell access and add it that way but i want to see if it would be visible from the groove Manager files page. And if write access would be an issue, save a file from PAC control.

Yes, it is possible.
Yes, you need to it via shell.
No, write issues are not a problem for PAC Control because when you are in shell making the sub-directory you will set the correct permissions (users) for that directory.

From shell;

mkdir /home/dev/unsecured/subdir
sudo chown pac22:unsecured_files /home/dev/unsecured/subdir/

Once that is done, set your file comm handle to that path in PAC Control;

When you write the file, it will show up in groov Manage just as usual;

Note the new path with the sub-directory in it.


I wonder if it would be possible to create a directory through PAC Control using the ftp commands? That way everything can be inside the strategy.

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So for a follow up,

I think Philip is talking about using Send Communication Handle Command through an ftp comm handle to localhost. “ftp:localhost:…”

Would you be able to send ftp commands to localhost without the SSH Server running on the EPIC? In other words, the SSH Server is the local ftp server correct? Without it running you can only use client side ftp functionality to some remote server?

I’m trying to come up with ways to get some basic file browser functionality between PAC control and the /unsecured folder on the EPIC, displayed in groov VIEW. Something like a list of files that the user can see then manually type in the file name they want to edit, load, replace, etc…

So I’m thinking with the local ftp server I can send ftp command dir to get file lists for display.

No FTP commands will not work because there is no FTP server listening on EPIC.
We decided that from the outset EPIC would not have any FTP functionally, it’s just too insecure.

The manual states that it should be possible to create any directory paths needed when you write the file (either with the a or w command), but I am not finding that in my testing (on 2.0 firmware).

Yes I was finding the same trouble. Initially I was trying to write a “file:a,~/unsecured/subdir/file.txt” and it would just throw an error instead of creating the subdir.

Ah, that’s helpful to know… and you would be on 1.5 firmware???
Do you recall if the error was -52?

According to this:

File write commands will not create subfolders. @Beno - any updates on that ticket?

As we say in Australia… yeah, nah.

Yeah, the ticket exists.
Nah, no progress on it.
Bleh. Let me tickle it and see what we get.

In the mean time, @e.schultz do you have a shell license?

Yes I’m on 1.5 and the error is -407 when OpenOutgoingCommunication is run and -52 when TransmitString is run. All for a comm handle as described above (“file:a,~/unsecured/subdir/file.txt”) where subdir does not exist.

And yes I just got the shell license uploaded.

Quick addition, to be able to write to the new subdir over sftp (using filezilla in my case)
I needed to change the file permissions.

So the complete set of commands for me was:

mkdir /home/dev/unsecured/subdir
sudo chown pac22:unsecured_files /home/dev/unsecured/subdir/
sudo chmod 775 /home/dev/unsecured/subdir/

Trying to change the permissions in filezilla was not allowed because of ‘permission denied’ – I needed sudo.

Keep in mind that the PAC Control engine has different permissions/ is a different user than your Filezilla user.