Dynamic HTTP Links via Groov View

Wanted to open txt files on the EPIC Drive via weblink (or anything for that matter) based on a string variable.
This will allow us to display Run Reports after each operator (or selected through a list of previous runs) - which they can print OR more importantly save via the web browser (once open the save as command works nice to transfer the text file to the computer selecting the command).

This works if we embed the command into Web Page Navigator gadget, for example:
This opens up a new page with the report.

Is there a way to display this information (in the form of a string so we can select the files to be viewed) that will allow us to open the link in another web tab.

I’ve made it work in a hokey way - by using the text box gadget looking at the string - then right clicking it (because the contents of the string is highlighted) to navigate “open in new tab”. Same thing is true to just putting the text on the graphic but its harder to highlight and right click.
Though it sort of works - this is not exactly a good way of doing it.

Any other way to transfer selected files (from EPIC Hard Drive) via Groov View by way of PACControl to the computer initiating the command. The goal is an easy way to download the selected text files.
Any thoughts, suggestions or other ways to do it (without going into Groov Manage or Shell Access) via Groov View.

Ticket #86593 is that feature request, its been in a little while.
Because the text gadget is actually an SVG object (more like an image than hard text from what I can gather), you can’t make it a URL.
I know the dev wants to make changes in this area for a slew of reasons, we just have be super careful to not break an existing projects.

I am looking at ways to transfer files from EPIC to PC for another customer, but most involve some sort of configuration (one time setup) in shell. I think that makes it a non-starter for your application?