Adding new Nodes to your palette

One of the cool things about Node-RED is that your options are always expanding. As developers add new Nodes to connect to new and different services and devices, you can add those Nodes to your Node-RED install very quickly and easily. Here’s how…

[Note. Your Node-RED instance must be connected to the Internet for this process to work.]

From the menu button (the three white stripes that look like a hamburger) on the top right of your Node-RED webpapge, click on ‘Manage palette’.
This will change the palette menu on the left of your layout.
From this new menu you can see what Nodes you currently have installed and you can install new Nodes.

To find new Nodes, click on the ‘Install’ tab (just under the red ‘Done’ button).

There you can do a search for what you think the Node might be called. For the most part, they are pretty sensibly named. You are probably going to find the Node you are looking for, or not. Not every bit of software as a service or hardware has Node-RED Nodes built yet for them.

If you find what you want, click on the ‘Install’ button for that Node and wait till it is installed.
In this screen shot, I have done a search for ‘ping’ and you can see that I have two different Ping nodes already installed and one not installed.

To help you get a sense of what is out there, you can visit the Node-RED Node and Flow page here;
From this page, uncheck the ‘Flows’ check box when you do a search so only the Nodes are displayed for you.
(We will talk about the Flows in another post).

As you can see, there are a lot of existing Nodes and more being added pretty frequently.
If you are into the Twitter thing, you can follow (@red_nodes) and get a Tweet every time a new Node is added to the library. (@NodeRED for their main feed).

So how can I remove a Node from the palette?
When I added a second SQL Server node it broke the first one.
Searched the web and found I need to remove it.

Click on the menu to the upper right, and click on ‘Manage palette’.
You will find that the first view (tab) is all the nodes you currently have installed. From here, as long as they are not in use, you can uninstall any Node. ( It will show you how many times it’s in use to help track them down if they are in use).

Sorry I am away from my computer and can’t do any screen shots. Can supply them on Friday if needed.

Your original post has the needed screenshots - you can see the remove button in them. I think the “along as they are not in use” is key here.

Yes, they show in use even though they are not. Something is corrupted under the hood and I need cli to remove them. Node Red website has context on this because it has happened to other people. The log says that the flows are stopped because the modules are not registered, So I need to remove them so I can install them and get them registered (even though they were…). This happened when I added a second MS-SQL module when trying to work around the SQL Server connection closed issue, I will open a ticket on it and get my box unlocked so I can clear it manually.

I am having trouble adding new nodes. My device is connected to the internet. When I follow the steps to add a node, I get a drop down error message “Failed to load node catalog. Check the browser console for more information.”

I just tested my Node-RED and it loads up Ok, so we know its not a general problem with the node catalog.

What device are you using Node-RED on? EPIC, RIO, AR1?
What are the network settings? Clearly the gateway settings are not giving you a path to the Internet like you expect.
If you are on an EPIC, what Ethernet ports are connected where? (Eth0 should be the one with access to the Internet).

Lastly, when you looked at the log (as the error suggested) what do you see?

thanks for your reply. looks like it is probably a corporate firewall issue

Thanks for letting us know. Hope you can get it sorted out.