Zoom levels on interactive trends

This is mostly a feature request, but I’m new to working with groov, so I may have missed some things.

I am displaying power usage for several different devices / electrical panels. I would like to display these on separate trend graphs, not just multiple pens on one graph. Would it be possible to somehow group these trends together so they will all synchronize the zoom level?

Is there a way to set a default trend zoom level? - I seem to be getting about 8 minutes on the trends I setup when the page is loaded (7 day trend period with 5 second intervals) and they won’t update or display a line across the entire chart until I click one of the zoom levels.

Can we have custom zoom level options? I’m getting 12h 4h and All with these guys.

Can the trends remember their zoom level when leaving the page and coming back to it?


All feature requests are noted.

But, in the mean time, I could help but notice you mention 7 day. Since you are looking to plot a week, I would for SURE use the Classic rather than the Interactive trend gadget.
They do not have any of the issues you mention.
Visually group them with a Group Header gadget in the background and you should be very pleased with the results.
(Note you can still programmatically get the trend pen data from the Classic, just like the Interactive, so in your case there is no downside, only positives).

Thanks Ben, I’ll give that a shot.