Wish-Linux port of software

I wish there was a Linux port of most of the software that runs as a service (DataLink, SoftPAC, PACDisplay, etc.) so I don’t have to worry about Windows updates buggering my installs… I haven’t found a reliable way to stop updates in Windows 10…

Unplug the internet :wink:

Runs Linux, Node-RED for DataLink, SoftPAC for SoftPAC, groov for PAC DIsplay.
Only updates when you tell it.

(Yeah yeah I know, but I just had to point it out… :wink: )

If groov is going to replace PAC Display, then it needs to at least do everything PAC Display can do, not quite there yet…

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Which only begs the question…


I think you guys either missed my winky, or are wish-listing hard this morning :smile:

But seriously, keep the ideas flowing, we need to know what people are looking for.

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I wish it were that simple. It is connected to the house network for communications to other stuff (including remote access)… I’m not sure why MS didn’t put some sort of update kill switch into Win10…

I thought there was a way to do it in Win 10 Pro, but not Win 10 Home?
Not to get off topic, but… Which version are you running?

Oh no, I got it. It’s just that Linux has been a long time wishlist item and then Opto comes out with EPIC which is Linux… Groov has also been a Linux box since it’s inception… the irony…

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Win10 Pro. There is no built-in ‘official’ way. I have read there is in Enterprise, but we don’t have, need, or want to pay for that kind of licensing…

Nope, didn’t miss it either. Just didn’t want to miss an opportunity to provide some “encouragement”. :slight_smile: I know software can be hard and takes time to get right, and customers are impatient…

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If you have a router that can handle custom qos, you can set up a policy object that tags the packets from the svchost process and then just flat out block them at the router. I’ve used this to “shape” windows update traffic from taking down our whole network during the day. I’ll have to dig to find the policy setting, so let me know.

You can also set windows update (again through policy) to use BITS (like pre-win10 systems) and then disable the BITS service. Not sure if it will stay disabled or not though, as I haven’t tried that.

Interesting… very interesting… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink:

Ok so them all…we have to do is port softpac to Linux…and on a NUC7i7BNH we would have a rocket ship…

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I’m looking for an HTML5 PAC Display :wink: , with some local variables and scripting thrown in too. So simple.

In a not too distant future, end users will happily pay Microsoft a monthly fee to not install Windows 10 “updates” automatically in their computers. People who refuse to pay up, will waste hours and hours wondering when (or even if) the latest greatest Operating System update will actually finish installing itself, what it is doing and if their PC will even start up afterwards!

Amen, Philip…