What future features would you like to see in groov View?

Yes, I appreciate that as it has helped tremendously.

The build experience is getting better, but there is still too much unnecessary “mouse work” when building groov view projects.

I would like to be able to access the controller connection status. For example if the status is “error” I would like to be able to send an event notification so we know when a controller has dropped offline.

That’s on my wish list too: my plan right now is to expose device health as tags so that you can do exactly that, as well as set up events in case of slowdowns and the like.

That would be great. Currently we cant use Event Notifications because we cant be sure the tag is available to the groov. Most of our IO and PAC racks are remote to the groov location.

Still hopfull that one of these maintence releases will get the AR-1’s and Epics on the same version of JS and Node Red. My customers have been paying maintenence licenses for two years and cant run the same nodes on both… I keep saying “soon” but they now laugh… ug

I would like to see a gadget that is identical to the LED gadget, but be a rectangle. A circle doesn’t always cut it! One area where I could use it requires 10 different colors represented by a 0-9 value integer. And in regard to this, make sure that it can be scaled small enough in width to match some of the other rectangle-shaped gadgets. Or maybe I am missing something and there is another simple way to do that?

Thank you!

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Wrap text in groov text area / text box

Its probably already been mentioned, but if we could get conditional rules for color on shape gadgets (stroke and fill) that would be great. Right now I am layering two shapes of different color and then using visibility to hide the top one. That creates too many objects on my page, too many layers causes a little snafu where the layers go out of order randomly every time the page loads, it would also eliminate how many events I need to create to get this all to work. A triangle shape would be nice too.

@Thom I’m not sure of your exact use case, but it sounds like an image gadget would be the better choice.
You can set conditional values that each image is displayed.
Having just one gadget on the page resolves all those Z order issues you mention.
This video might be helpful if you want to try this gadget;

Ive played with the image gadget, it has its uses but isnt a good solution for something like this; I have a conveyor with 10 bins on it, I want the bins to change color when they turn on, fairly simple.

Using this method, I have to first find the image I want to use. Groov has a fairly unique design and color palate which makes finding the appropriate image on the internet very time consuming, if not impossible. The Opto svg library was excellent for PAC Display but doesnt fit the Groov design. If I want my images to have aesthetic flow I need to draw them myself, which is also time consuming. Once I have my two bins drawn (both under 2kb svg), I now have 10 image gadgets lined up across the conveyor. However, there is a brief moment when the page loads that an obnoxious white place holder block displays for each image gadget before the images render. All this for a small square to change color when it changes state. On top of that this is for a single component of the HMI, if I wanted to do the same thing for another component, the screen becomes a mess of white place holders when the customer enters that page, if I do this for multiple components across multiple pages, the customer is continually seeing these place holders and it starts to look unprofessional. Its not the end of the world, and doesnt compromise the functionality of the HMI but it is a stark eye sore and it is sometimes the first comment I get when showing the customer the product. Before we got the update with “Add Conditional Format Rule” for text area gadgets, I did what I mentioned above to cause text to appear to change color on state changes. It was quite the process, but now, this feature has saved me a ton of time and the HMI looks cleaner than before, I think adding the same conditional format to the shape gadgets would make the gadget more versatile.

However, there is a brief moment when the page loads that an obnoxious white place holder block displays for each image gadget before the images render. All this for a small square to change color when it changes state.

In hindsight, I wish we’d gone with something like the newer Conditional Formatting stuff for images: there’s an image that’s shown by default, but you can override it based on a tag’s value. No weird flashing, just show the default image that you’ve chosen until a tag tells us otherwise.

In the future, I want to unify all of the various ways that gadget attributes can be overridden so that there’s a sort of hierarchy to it:

  1. Gadget defaults
  2. Project-level overrides? (e.g. theming)
  3. Attributes for a single gadget on a page
  4. Override attributes based on a tag value

It’ll be awhile before I can get there though.

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one year later… any news?

Your request is not really a groov View ‘thing’ (I mean it is related, but the code to pull it off is not 100% groov View), so there are a lot of software engineers looking and working on this.

One of the core issues we are trying to address by adding this feature is how to maintain some security.
Removing the user/password is not something we take lightly.

understood, thanks Ben.
would it make things any easier if the page was “read-only”
or perhaps even a auto login option. It sounds easy to me but reading between the lines it seems to be a challenge.

Our client, who runs over 18 EPICS on their sites keeps hammering me about having to log in each morning to see the visuals. With the EPIC being locked away in a panel and us running a long HDMI cable for the visuals makes it a headache for them to open the panels each morning and log in via the on screen keyboard.

Here in Africa things like a wireless mouse etc etc find legs and vanish within a day.

The ability to select multiple objects and use a Find and Replace on them similar to PacDisplay. The Find and Replace, Search For: “Table Index, Offset By:” and “Exact Text” allows me to do in minutes that takes hours or even days in Groov.


In Value gadgets, can we get a text alignment property? That would be pretty handy. Pic below is an obvious example of how I would use it.
Value Gadget Alignment

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You can probably pull off the layout you’re looking for with a Text Area gadget, but yeah, in general I think it was probably a mistake to bake a label in with the Value gadget: we’d have been better off with both Label and Value gadgets. It would’ve made it much easier for people to get the layouts they want.

Considering nowaday data acquisition, would be nice to have
a Gadget to view a number of row and columns of a table from a data base or from pac control table

Ben, I updated a key client to 3.3.1 yesterday and noticed a new little remember me tick box when logging into grow view :slight_smile:

We ticked it and boom. Groov view was loading into the page without logging on each time. Smiles all around. Not sure if this new feature was directly related but thank you guys so much for getting this done. I haven’t read anything about it so maybe I missed it.