Using Node-Red to Create Web Pages

This is probably an odd request, but it looks like Node-Red is capable of creating some custom web pages (using HTML) with the HTTP endpoint node. I have some existing web pages using HTML from another application, and this would save a bunch of time from having to re-create everything in Groov.

I was able to get the nodes below to work on a node-red instance running on my desktop, but no luck on my EPIC-PR1 (404).


I am guessing it is an issue with ports, the firewall, or possible that these nodes aren’t supported. Let me know if you guys have any ideas.


Does this thread help?

Awesome! Thank you for the fast reply. It was just the url I had messed up.


No problem.
Glad we could help, and thanks for getting back to us and letting us know you got it working.
Always helpful when the loop is closed.

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@psantoro3 Oh, and you can remove or edit the ‘ALTA Web’ firewall rule you show in your screen shot… On EPIC, Node-RED is through port 443, so there is no need to expose 1880.
There is nothing listening on that port (1880), but best practice is that you don’t open any ports that are not needed.

Oh, yea that was just a shot in the dark there. I figured it was worth a shot to try match the port the local host on my desktop was using.