Node-RED Dashboard on EPIC


We have had a few people ask about using the Node-RED dashboard nodes on EPIC…

The answer is yes, it works as expected, just not on the front touch screen or HDMI port of the EPIC controller (yet).
So you can add your nodes and build your screens and use ‘any’ browser to view them… The key is the URL that you use to view your dashboard.
Use the following URL: https://<hostname>/node-red/ui/. Please note: that final ’ / ’ is critical. Without it, it won’t work and will redirect to https://<hostname/ui.

If you do end up using these nodes please report back and let us know your experience and use case.
We are very interested in how people (want to) use these nodes.


Hi Beno,
It’s not working in my case.
I followed the same steps as you told.
But my screen is showing empty.

Thanks & Regards,


Yes, can confirm that the latest Dashboard Node update broke it.
Only showing a blank screen.
Workaround: Use groov View or install an older version of the Dashboard Nodes.


Ok. Thanks Beno.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Beno,

Today, I have upgraded Groov-EPIC to R1.2.2 version.
Node-red UI is working fine.

Thanks & Regards,