Node-RED Dashboard on EPIC

We have had a few people ask about using the Node-RED dashboard nodes on EPIC…

The answer is yes, it works as expected, just not on the front touch screen or HDMI port of the EPIC controller (yet).
So you can add your nodes and build your screens and use ‘any’ browser to view them… The key is the URL that you use to view your dashboard.
Use the following URL: https://<hostname>/node-red/ui/. Please note: that final ’ / ’ is critical. Without it, it won’t work and will redirect to https://<hostname/ui and you will get a 404 error.

If you do end up using these nodes please report back and let us know your experience and use case.
We are very interested in how people (want to) use these nodes.

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Hi Beno,
It’s not working in my case.
I followed the same steps as you told.
But my screen is showing empty.

Thanks & Regards,

Yes, can confirm that the latest Dashboard Node update broke it.
Only showing a blank screen.
Workaround: Use groov View or install an older version of the Dashboard Nodes.

Ok. Thanks Beno.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Beno,

Today, I have upgraded Groov-EPIC to R1.2.2 version.
Node-red UI is working fine.

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi Beno,
I am using Node-Red’s dashboard on an EPIC for a customer and it works great! Let me know if you want to follow-up with them.

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Just saw this post, we’re just setting up our system, I’m trying to install/download the Node’s for Groov. I have Epic AR-1 v1.4.3-b130 & its running Node Red v0.20.5 (the version that came on AR1). I’m following the instructions the ‘Installing the groov View Nodes’ from the Opto22 Developer site. I’m connected to Chl 1 on the AR1 and it shows connected and its set to ‘Dyanmic’. Chl1 is connected to my small hub with a Win10 laptop online using as an interface. When I go to the ‘Manage’ page in Node Red, I get "Failed to load Node Catalog. Check to Browser Console for more Info’ message popup. When I enter in ‘node-red-contrib-groov’, nothing happens. Do I need to be on Ch1?, I have used Ch0 for updating Epic, so I know it works properly. Thanks Dave

“Failed to load node catalog” is saying that there is no path or gateway to the Internet.
Check your network setup and make sure the AR1 has a gateway.
Also I am not sure the dashboard will work on the AR1. I would need to test it and am in training this week, so wont have time for a little while.

Okay, No Rush, Just trying to set up things I think we may use later. I’ll look into the Ch0 setup some more, even though it says ‘connected’ it may still be blocked in the AR1. Its connected directly to a working external port here in the office. Maybe I need to get Node-Red working on the connected laptop, then move the Opto nodes to the AR1? I’ll wait to see what you find out. Thanks Dave

The current dashboard nodes do not work on the AR1. They install Ok, but throw an error when you deploy any flows with them in it.
You could try and install an older version, but I don’t have time to test it.

This is a somewhat old thread, and am checking in. The latest groovEPIC firmware included the newest node-red. Is there any progress on having dashboards visible on the HDMI screen, and if not, the technical hurdle preventing them from being displayed on the HDMI screen?

No progress as yet. It still on the roadmap, but so few people have asked for it, its just bubbling along in the ‘to-do’ list for the software engineers.
The issue is how to navigate back to groov Manage from a random webpage… We don’t want to lock people out of the groov Manage screens so we prevent them from navigating away from groov View at this point;

Also the Node-RED dashboards are not very mobile friendly and scale badly… But that is just an aside.

I’m really very interested in what features/functions you find in the Node-RED dashboard that is not in groov View?

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Thank you for the quick reply. I see the issue, and concur that the node-red dashboard is not very responsive. A back button and external navigation, however, would be a great HDMI addition :wink:

We use nodred flows for control processing, and the nodered dashboard is a useful tool for flow development, testing, and simulation.

Dev/testing isn’t done on the HDMI, so I guess the only purpose would be to expose an existing, working UI onto the HDMI. The groov View to MQTT interface isn’t as fluid as nodered, but I don’t know of anything you couldn’t do with groov View and a little time and creativity.

Thanks for the detailed reply. I helps the engineers understand use cases and helps bubble tasks the top of the list!

I use Node-Red Dashboard too. It no longer works on Java 6.x on the current AR-1 builds, but works fine on the Epic which is on Java 8.
We have 2) AR-1’s that could really use a fresh Node Red build with Java 8.
Since it is in the latest build on the Epic I assume it is available for the AR-1??
Any chance of an update for the AR-1 platform soon?
Not sure I want to renew the license if I cant use them.

Hang in there Norm. I just checked and an update for the AR1 is on the radar.