Use own images on Epic Node-red http

wuld be possible to add afolder with png images in groov epic/ node-red home directory. and modify the httpStatic line; on node-red settings file, in order to be able to use own images on node-red http application?

If you have a shell license for your groov EPIC PR1, then you are welcome to try that method…
However, may I suggest a much much quicker, simpler and safer way to do that…

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Hi Beno Thank you for sharing this simplest way

Using the node-red-contrib-ui-media node would be much easier, since you can upload an image directly from NR interface

Welcome to the forums Tiago

Just a heads up - I have tried using that node in the past and had a lot of issues with it, but no question, with Node-RED there are usually lots of ways to do the same thing… That’s one of the many things I love about it, lots of flexibility.