Use NodeRed for remote I/O with non-admin user

I have NodeRed installed on my work laptop and am trying to interface with I/O on an EPIC on the same network. I finally figured out I had to generate a new cert due to name/altname stuff and I have it working, but it only seems to work if I use the API key of admin user. This is not ideal for a number of reasons.

I would like a dedicated non-admin user for remote I/O.

Is this possible?


Welcome to the forums Richard.

Sure you can.

From groov Manage, select your user, or add a new one.

Make sure you select No for Admin.
Click on Node-RED and select Editor.

You will need to copy that new/modified users API key of course, but you have already worked that out.

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That was I assumed would be necessary, but when I tried that I got Status Code 403


But it I change the user to admin it works.

Oh, Im sorry, I totally glossed over the fact that you are on an EPIC.
Thanks for the screenshot.

Depending on how you are addressing the I/O (in the ‘Test Output’ node in your screenshot) you probably want to enable the permissions for the PAC Control REST API.
While you are using Node-RED, the actual call to the I/O has nothing to do with Node-RED. Its all done RESTfully. (Unless you are using the MMP option in the node).

I must still be missing something…


Status code 403. HTTP response error : 403

I think this is just the way it is.

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So basically I should probably use a strong random password (don’t really need to log in) and be careful with my API key.