RIO node-red API Key for non-admin

I get a 403 error in Node-red when using the API key from a user that is set to “System-wide Administrator” Is it supposed to be that way?

Not that I know of… Pretty sure thats the same user level as I have been testing it on for the past few months.
Other user levels are Ok?
What node are you using?

Oh, I miss-typed; there should of been a “not” in there. When using “System-wide Administrator” it works. If I don’t have that selected I get the 403 error.

node-red-contrib-groov-io nodes

Sorry for the delay getting back to this…
I am seeing it here as well, will pass it on to the software engineers.

Ok. Not a bug.
We might need to tweak our documentation…

Here is what the software engineer had to say;
“The Node-RED permissions are for accessing Node-RED, not what Node-RED itself can access. The groov I/O nodes go through the groov Manage REST API.”

Which makes sense really.

Understood. So the groov Manage REST API is only available for admin users. What is the API key for non-admin users for?

Your right, its not lot of use… then again, neither is a user with no rights…