Updated OptoTagPreserve

In case you missed it, just a heads up that OptoTagPreserve has been updated and is available for download on our website;


What is OptoTagPreserve?
Glad you asked…

OptoTagPreserve copies variables from your PAC Control strategy running on a groov EPIC processor or SNAP PAC controller and saves them in a password-protected binary file or a plain-text XML, OptoScript, or init.txt file.

The primary reason you would use this utility is to make it easier to preserve variable states when you need to update firmware on the controller. Updating firmware erases battery-backed data including persistent variables and variables initialized on strategy download. Use OptoTagPreserve before loading new firmware to archive tag values to the computer, and then restore them after firmware is loaded and the strategy has been downloaded.

Any significant changes?

Bugs were squished and output options were tweaked.

So no real ‘significant changes’, but you should be using the new version due to the bug fixes. (They were important).

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