UDP Streaming Troubles

I have been trying to stream UDP data and have not had luck. I attempted to copy the UDP example chart.

I keep getting a timeout error *chUDP COMVAR@P
I then get error -444 from the com handle.

Any hints on what I should be looking at would be appreciated.

Kind reagards,

Have you got a screen shot of your chart, or some more information on what you have tried?

This is a pretty straight forward chart.

-444 is ‘Could not send on socket’, so something is not happy with the comm handle.
What port number are you trying to send on?

I am using port 55555

Did you review the sample code from one of our users that got it working here;

Also, this example UDP streaming chart looks different to yours, it might be worth a try;

Thanks Beno. I think I have looked at them, but will again to see if I have missed something.

My method has been:

Setup com handle
Open com handle
Check if open
Setup string
Send string