Comm Handle UDP + URL "streaming" example

Recently we had an OptoFan asking about UDP streaming options. He was using the built-in brain feature called UDP streaming (part of the memory map, described in form 1465 the OptoMMP Protocol Guide), which lets you send data to up to 8 different IP Addresses.

He now needs to use URLs instead of fixed IP Addresses (since he’s looking to expand his application nationwide–whoo-hoo!).

Since he’s using SNAP-PAC-R series controllers, I suggested he switch to using a Communication Handle, since UDP is an almost-officially supported Comm Handle option. More on that in this thread where someone needed to RECEIVE a UDP packet.

Also, in recent firmware, the TCP/UDP/FTP comm handles support the use of URLs in addition to IP Addresses.

So I whipped up the attached chart (import it into a 9.0 PAC Control or newer strategy). It shows how to use a “udp:” comm handle to send “streaming” data (like what the mem map can do, as described in form 1465) or any other data you might want to send out using that method.

-OptoMary (4.21 KB)