Support for installing the groov IO

I need support for installing the groov IO in Node-RED.

While installing the node groov IO I am getting the error attached below.

The procedure, I am following for the installation.

  1. Open the Node-RED editor

  2. Clicked on the menu(3 lines) icon in the upper right corner of the editor

  3. Click on manage palette. This will open the “Manage palette view”

  4. In the search field, entered node-red-contrib-groov-io (Version 1.0.3).

  5. Clicked installation button. after that below msg popped.

  6. In “View Log” I am getting the following messages.

2022-02-01T07:09:37.232Z Install : node-red-contrib-groov-io 1.0.3

2022-02-01T08:54:44.825Z npm install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --no-fund --save --save-prefix=~ --production --engine-strict node-red-contrib-groov-io@1.0.3
2022-02-01T08:54:55.810Z [err] npm
2022-02-01T08:54:55.814Z [err]
2022-02-01T08:54:55.816Z [err] ERR!
2022-02-01T08:54:55.818Z [err]
2022-02-01T08:54:55.819Z [err] code
2022-02-01T08:54:55.825Z [err] EAI_AGAIN
2022-02-01T08:54:55.825Z [err] npm ERR! errno EAI_AGAIN
2022-02-01T08:54:55.916Z [err] npm
2022-02-01T08:54:55.919Z [err]
2022-02-01T08:54:55.920Z [err] ERR!
2022-02-01T08:54:55.922Z [err] request to failed, reason: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN
2022-02-01T08:54:55.971Z [err]
2022-02-01T08:54:55.977Z [err] npm
2022-02-01T08:54:55.979Z [err]
2022-02-01T08:54:55.983Z [err] ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
2022-02-01T08:54:55.983Z [err] npm ERR! /home/dev/.npm/_logs/2022-02-01T08_54_55_932Z-debug.log
2022-02-01T08:54:56.044Z rc=1

let me know if you need any data from my side.

Looking forward to hearing from you…!!

Welcome to the forums.

Its always worth searching for your error in the forums, in this case, your answer is here:

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Thanks Beno…!

Issue resolved…

By setting the ip configuration to Automatic DHCP in Groov Manage