Socket error while downloading to PAC Sim

Hello folks!

I am attempting to download a small strategy to a PAC Sim controller. I created a .cdf file; but when I download I get “ERROR: Ethernet socket error:Socket is not connected.” Code: -10057.

Since the controller is software with a loopback address of, I don’t understand what or how the socket is not connected.



Welcome to the forums Jeff.

Can you first use PAC Terminal to inspect the controller?
This will tell you if the controller has installed and been configured correctly… Or if the problem is with the .cdf file.

Beno, thanks for the reply! Here is a snapshot of my PAC Terminal screen:

This is my first use of PAC Terminal; so I don’t know if anything is inordinary.


Looks good. What do you get when you double click (to inspect) the PAC Sim controller?

This is what I get:


Ok, so PAC Sim is either not installed or not running.
There should be an icon down in your task bar near the time (you might need to click on the ^ to see all the icons you have installed).

If there is no icon, then you need to run SoftPAC Monitor from the Windows start menu to start the control engine.

Thanks Beno! That was it. Working now.


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