SNMP on EPIC Processor

We have had a few customers ask about running SNMP on the EPIC processor.
While not officially supported, I can say that so far, with limited testing, it seems to work as expected.
(To be clear, I have only briefly tested SNMP v2, NOT V3 and I have not yet tested traps).

You will need a Shell license to install it. You can obtain said license by emailing pcs@opto22 dot com and ask to ‘buy’ one. (Its zero cost). Once the order goes through, it will show up in your portal.
(Again, to be clear, when you apply the shell license, you are giving up a fair bit of product support, so keep that in mind.)

Once you have access to your shell prompt via PuTTY or some such, it is a simple matter of installing the package;
sudo apt-get install net-snmp-server

By default, the conf file sets the server in paranoid mode, but you can edit edit the conf file and really get things cranking;
sudo nano /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf

Comment the paranoid line and uncomment the readonly line, like such;

#com2sec paranoid  default         public
com2sec readonly  default         public
#com2sec readwrite default         private

You will need to open port 161 on the EPIC to allow the traffic. Do this from groov Manage home screen, click on Security->Firewall. Add a new rule for port 161 UDP and click Save.

After you make any changes to the snmpd.conf file, you will need to restart the service;
sudo /etc/init.d/snmpd restart

From there, its regular SNMP. Use an agent to do a walk of the mib or full tree.
As I said, its unsupported at this sage, so what you read here is everything we know.
Will there be more? Will there be a MIB? Will we include the I/O?
All great questions, lets know what you need, we cant promise anything, but we need to know what SNMP features our customers are looking for.

Hello Benson,
we should send and receive snmp traps with EPIC.
Are there any news on the subject?

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forums Davide.

No new news to report at this time.

Have you considered using Node-RED?

Thank Ben for your promt reply.
Yes I have but It is only a listener and not a sender. Could you confirm this?

Thanks again.

Yes. I just noticed that.

Do you have shell access on the EPIC?

Perhaps you could use this Python library?