Show and tell - our Groov Epic project

For the last eight months we’ve been converting a proprietary control system to an Epic Groov based system. We had to reuse the existing cabinets due to space limitations so the arrangement is slightly goofy.

The original system was monolithic - it had one controller for all three cabinets connected via some flavor of RS485. With our approach we split it into three separate systems which had the added cost of extra controllers, but without the division the upgrade was not deemed feasible given the site constraints.

We did everything in-house - design, assembly, programming, and install. Overall fairly happy with the outcome :slight_smile:


Nice and neat. well done!

Here is one of my proudest installations:



Very nice! Thank You for sharing.

That’s very nice. I’m envious of the horizontal space you had to work with.

@vic.simkus and @Jakes Really nice work guys! Thanks so much for sharing. Its really helpful and powerful for us to see where and how our gear ends up being used.

Love a good installation job! Interested to hear the details of your projects, @vic.simkus @Jakes.