Sending data elsewhere

I have a database being written currently for our company, and I would like to have some data from PAC strategy included.
What are some options I have to get the data to the database?

Before commenting, can you share a little more information…??
Do you have an EPIC in the mix?
Whats the PAC Control strategy (ie the tags you want) running on?
What hardware is the DB running on?
Whats the DB? MySQL, SQL etc

Just trying to get a feel of the options both hardware and software in place.

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Sorry about the lack of info.
-I have 2 EPIC devices running on this network
-PAC strategies running on EPICs (1 on each, different strategies)
-Database running on a server located off-site.

We use Node-RED running on our EPIC and send data to our MSSQL database using this node. We also use the same node to retrieve information from the database and use it in our PAC strategies.

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This forum post will has the information you need:

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