Sending data from Epic to a MSSQL Database

Hello, I am a .net programmer and I am developing a desktop application that display in a chart data acquired through sensors connected to an epic groov. My application use a SQL Server database to store data before displaying. So I need to send data from Epic every time it makes an acquisition from sensors. I can see there are many way to program the epic system, what is the best way to achieve this continuous communication between the two systems?

Hello - your best bet is NODE RED!

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Yup, just as @Jakes said, the best way forward here is to use the built in Node-RED.

Turn it on via groov Manage, then once its running, click the open editor link.

If you want to start from zero and get up to speed on Node-RED, then watch this video (all three parts).

You will then need to install the PAC Control nodes and the MSSQL node.
Once you have those two sets of nodes installed you can then start small and drag a PAC in node onto the canvas.
Next to that put a function block, then lastly, your MSSQL node.

Wire the three together and then start filling in their details.

The first few posts from here will get you started:

Node-RED is probably the best way since you can put the data into SQL Server directly, but you can also access the IO from .NET using the SDK:
There is another SDK that can be used to access control variables (as opposed to IO/memory map) as well, but if you just need IO use the one above as it is simpler.