Renaming variable Epic PR1 Groov view issue

Due to a mistake I had to rename a integer variable running in PAC control strategy in a EPIC PR-1, after doing so, I re updated the control startegy in the groov build mode, the renamed variable changed in the gadget switch automatically with the new name as default label, I verified the tag and it was the new renamed variable, but after saving and switching to Groov view, got an error saying “the tag name “x-old” is not available” and the label it showed was the old variable that build mode just shows as the new one already selected in Groov build mode. I verified this 3 times in 2 different EPIC both latest firmware and up to date software. The solution is to delete the gadget and re do it.

Was the integer a persistent by any chance?

No, a regular integer…Easy to test and replicate, simple dummy var and create a swith to set to 1 or 0, then rename pac control var and see what happens in Groov build and then groov view.

This is a known issue, and was addressed in groov View 4.2c, which will be included in the next GRV-EPIC-PR1 release.

You can work around it by restarting the EPIC, or doing something to kick the tag cache over, like adding and then removing a dummy Data Store device.