Renaming persistent variable issue

I renamed a persistent variable in PAC Control that was linked to a check box in groov view.
I updated the strategy in groov view. The tag name shows up with the new name in groov view.
It check box still shows the value of the presistent variable before it was renamed (checked) even though the it is 0 in PAC Control. Clicking the check box does not change the persistent variable in PAC Control.

Reproduce like this:

In PAC Control, create a persistent variable integer called “test”
Save the strategy and download to the controller (PR1 in my case).
Update the strategy in groov view.
Add a check box in groov view and set the tag to the “test” variable.
Run groov view and check the box - it will change to 1 in PAC Control.
Now rename “test” in PAC Control to “test_renamed”, save and download.
Go to groov view and update the strategy.
The check box will show that it is bound to test_renamed.
Run groov view. The check box will still be checked. In PAC Control it will be 0. You can toggle the check box all you want in groov view, but the “test_renamed” never gets changed.

For more fun:
Now go to PAC Control and create a NEW persistent integer variable call “test”. Save and download. It will be set to 1 without doing anything. In groov view, check the check box, it will toggle this new variable named “test”. It’s like the rename left the old name hanging around, lot’s of fun to be had.

Now I can’t get the renamed variable to work at all in groov view - I’m a bit stuck there.

PAC Project 10.2, EPIC PR1 latest firmware.

Now that does sound like some ‘fun’… Let me see if I can reproduce it in the morning and we will go from there. Thanks for the solid write up.

I have a couple of support calls in for the same issue using groov View 4.2. Restarting groov View (or the whole PR1 in your case) after you upload the strategy works around it for now. Haven’t had time to get in there and fix it yet. :-/

Thank you for the update - glad to know rebooting will take care of it. I was thinking it also could be an issue in PAC Control / PAC firmware as well. Since renaming a persistent variable and then creating a new one (after the previous change is downloaded) with the old name will bring back the old persistent value. I would expect a new persistent variable to be initialized to 0 (for an int).