Remotely change the page viewed

I am using Groov to show production information on a large TV in a production room. I want this screen to not require any external interaction. One of the limitations with this is that I can’t show/hide gadgets in Groov, and the amount of data displayed depends on what is produced. At one time I might have 2 products with data and two trend pens. Another time I need 6 products and 6 pens. The product data “blocks” all fit, and I can hide some when not in use by switching a picture from transparent to background colour as to reduce un-used information shown on the screen, but with the trends I will have to switch from one large easy to see chart to two small charts (4-pen limit). This I can’t do with covering images (to my knowledge).
So, is there a way to remotely change which page is shown in Groov, so that My PLC can set a tag to show picture 1 (1 chart) to picture 2 (2 charts), and at night when there is no production, a “screen saver” page to avoid burn-in of static elements?


There is just such a groov gadget in existence.
I have seen it in action and will do exactly what you are looking for (switching groov pages based on a tag value).
Hopefully it makes it into a release soon.