Change View Page

Hey All,
Is there a way to control the current groov View page from control?

For example, our machine has a bunch of actuators. When an actuator is engaged, it should hit a limit switch within a second or 2. If it doesn’t an alarm gets raised and a diagnostic or help page need to be shown in View.

I’ve seen this thread where Ben mentions a gadget is coming (although I’m not sure it’s for groov or Epic or if there is a difference)

So is there a way to have PAC control change the groov View page based on specific logic?
Thanks for looking.

Yes and no.

We try and keep all versions of groov to be the same.
So groov Server for Windows, groov View on EPIC and the AR1 are all the same (or should be).
Thus everyone gets the cool new gadgets when they are released.

Which brings us to your navigation gadget.
Right now, there is no way to do what you are looking for… But there is such a gadget slated for the next release.
When? Cant say. Its not tomorrow or next week, so best to plan around it not being any time super soon but just know it is coming.

Thanks Ben,

Just curious (and maybe I should look first), but does PAC Display support this?

Yes. It has a window nav control.