Reading time in PAC Control

How to Read time in pac control program, i want time same as server time

Hi Babu. Welcome to the Opto forums.

Here are a few search results that might help answer your question (to be clear, I’m not exactly sure what your ‘time’ question is, so feel free to review these suggestions and if none of them are quite right, please ask more questions to help us help you)…

@bhimababu2018 for some reason you sent me 2 DM’s rather than replying to this topic, that’s not very helpful for any others that might want to understand what you are asking.

You mentioned that you need to “Change the dot NET time on the PAC Controller”.
The PAC Controller uses compiled Forth and PAC Control is a native Windows .exe, so I am unsure what you are looking to do.

Perhaps this blog post will help.