Quick poll: what operating system do you use?

Just because I’m curious.

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Something else

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At work or at home? At work I use some flavor of Windows because it’s mandated by corporate IT. At home I use Linux because I enjoy a never ending fight that I can never win with a multiple monitor setup.

This is kind of a strange question considering that Opto software only runs natively on Windows. I would consider Linux if I could get opto pac display, Opto Datalink, and soft pac running on Linux.

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True, but note that the author of the poll is the groov developer.
As you know groov Build is web based. It can run on any OS that has a modern browser.
Perhaps that’s the real question?

Yeah, again, I’m just curious. I primarily develop on a Mac, and I after the groovFinder for mac thread I was curious how many non-Windows users are around.

I personally have been using with mac and linux since the last century :wink: and professionally with Opto since 2006, God save the virtual machines!