groovFinder for mac

If there was someone with little work which I doubt very much it would be great to have a groovFinder in java or similar to be able to search for groov devices from OSX. Many times I have to start a virtual machine just for that. Please…!

Will it run under WINE?

No, it does not run.

Maybe someone from Opto can share the groovFind protocol so someone can write their own utility. All I know from sniffing the network is that it sends out a 1024 byte UDP packet to port 2022 (IIRC) and waits for a response. The contents of the packet are not consistent.

Ok, this is minimally tested, but it works here in the office: groov (218.7 KB)


  1. This is not supported by Opto 22. Product Support will say “wha?” if you ask about it.
  2. I don’t currently have an Apple Developer account, so this isn’t signed for Gatekeeper. If you have Gatekeeper turned on (I’m not even sure you can turn it off from High Sierra onward), you’ll need to right click the app and select Open to launch it the first time. (After that you can launch it normally.)
  3. Seriously, minimally tested.
  4. Requires macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer. (Though I’ve only run it on 10.13.)

It works perfect! Thanks a lot!!!

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