PAC Display Runtime running very slowly - displays freezing

The behavior is still the same on this system. It often fails to begin updating on launch, so you just have to close PAC Display Runtime, and then launch it again to get it to begin updating. And you must still have some other program running (even if minimized) for it to ever update on its own.

Once you get it to launch and update, and you have some other program running, it will run fine for days or weeks until the next time you need to launch it, and then you must go through this song and dance again to get it to run.

Had this exact some problem - very slow startup, especially as my supertrends began accumulating data. I was keeping a years worth of data for quite a few supertrends as the customer had requested that. So after a year of accumulation, the startup was taking on the order of 20-30 minutes before the Runtime would begin updating.
After close to a year of battling this, we finally figured out Windows Defender was the culprit. Upon startup Windows wants to scan all the project files that Runtime might be opening - including all supertrend historical data that apparently gets touched by PAC Display Runtime when it first starts. So we made exceptions for not only all Opto 22 program files, but also ALL of the project files as well. Startup is now the snappy result that I expect. I hope this helps.

That’s not really the same issue. In our case, the various windows either don’t update at all, or update very slowly (like once every 15 seconds). Creating exceptions for defender for all of the directories and their files didn’t make any difference.

The thing that makes the system run “fast” is running Google Earth at the same time (even though it’s minimized).

And we just re-launch runtime as many times as it takes to get it to start updating. Usually, it only takes a try or two.

Other than that, it all runs just great on this PC. I still think it may well be an incompatibility with the video drivers.

All of the operators have just gotten used to having to do this song and dance any time the system needs to be rebooted. :slight_smile: