PACProject 10.1001 Build 24 issues


Having downloaded and installed the latest PACProject I am now getting some problems with its use.
Firstly, after install and then running PACDisplay Runtime I get an error message indicating that the Scanner can not be found. I then have to uninstall PACProject and start PACDisplay Runtime again once PACProject has been reinstalled, this time Runtime opens without the previous Scanner error. This has happened on two PC’s so far running different PACProjects but the same updated version of PACProject. I have another 5 machines to upgrade yet!!!
Secondly, once I have PACRuntime open, switching between screens is slow and cumbersome, not instant like it was with the previous PACProject version. Also hovering over graphics which should highlight the graphic to show it can be selected takes an age with a long lag taking place. Changing a PID loop via a PACRunime graphic from Manual to Automatic for example takes far too long a time until the graphic updates.
Thirdly, in a Combined trending graph the ability to see a value and time stamp when clicking on the trend line in Historic mode seems to have disappeared altogether for some reason.
To further add to this post, the mouse pointer now seems to have a mind of its own when being used within PACRuntime. Sometimes clicking on a graphic can cause the mouse pointer to disappear and then reappear somewhere else on the screen. This only happens within PACDisplay Runtime.
If a window is opened it seems to take an age to show the values within text graphics. It may take 5 to 15 seconds for the graphics to update and then show the values associated with them.

I have just been studying your downloads section to see if I can decide which PACProject is the latest one.
At present there is one version of PACProject, one version of PACDisplay and one version of PACControl.
All three seem to indicate that they will install PACProject. They were all created on 2nd Oct 2018. It seems that the most up to date PACProject file is indeed entitled PACProject but I don’t understand why the other two updates would be left on the download site if they are no longer of any use, it just seems to add to the confusion of which is the latest update.
Any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated.
Kindest regards


I had similar issues with 10.0a and I found that in my case Opto Data Link (ODL) was causing an issue “overscanning” the host port and making the contoller response VERY slow. When I went back to ODL 9.6 the controller was fine, even with Pac Display 10.a. If you are not using ODL then that may not be your issue.
Last week I opened a ticket on another issue having to do with the controller getting slow or flat locking up the host port, and was told that if you upgrade a project from 9.6 to 10a the strategy can get corrupted. If you go 9.6 to 10b it is supposed to be ok.
Still sorting this one out with tech support. I hope they document this soon in the KB’s


I would get hold of our product support group for the first part of your post.
If you have not worked with them before, its the right process to help you through trouble shooting the install process. You can email them and you will get an issue tracking number so you can always get help and updates on the issue.

The last part of your post… Many of our users just use parts of PAC Project, they don’t want the whole package, so we split PAC Project into its parts and offer them as downloads as stand alone packages.
We try and keep the versions the same, so the latest of anything can be downloaded either as a package, or as part of PAC Project Basic or Pro.

EDIT. Fixed the Product support email address.


I have sent the upper contents of the post to the email address you supplied, unfortunately the email came back with a ‘email address does not exist’ error.
I then copied the upper part of the post to yesterday, 7th Nov but I am still waiting for a reply, even an acknowledgement that they have received my email. Meanwhile the errors listed above still exist!


We’re transitioning from Win 7 to Win 10, just downloaded same PAC Project build and having an issue where something in PAC Display continually takes focus away from whatever else is selected. So very difficult to enter data into a data field, can’t use any other programs because PAC Display just keeps stealing the focus back from the other programs.

I’m going to go back one build (I think that’s the one we had tested before, which had worked for us, need to check version number) to see if the problem goes away. Otherwise I’ll start messing with the Opto Data Link mentioned above. I’ll keep you posted!