PAC Control/SnapPAC R2 & Windows Enterprise OS

Not sure if this is the correct Forum, thought it might get some traction here.

We have been using PAC Control, with a SnapPAC system, with R2 controllers in conjunction with Windows OS’s, from XP to 10.

We have a potential customer that has very high security at their lab and requires that all lab equipment use Windows Enterprise platform, they will be using most if not all the security features of Enterprise (Bit Locker, Secure Admin account, etc.).

We currently are running on Windows 10 Pro without any Opto22 issues.

I know Opto22 has not tested their products with the Windows Enterprise platform. But we are curious if anyone is/was running with Windows Enterprise OS.


Do they need to use PAC Display or groov View?


We will be using PAC Display with PAC Control Pro, Ethernet communication between the touchscreen pc and the SnapPAC R2 controller.


This thread might be helpful… Hard to say if any of it will apply with Enterprise or not, but its worth reading it from top to bottom ahead of time so you are at least aware.


I also found a KB article (KB83358 - Nov 17,2020) “Unable to Communicate from PAC Project Software on Windows 8, 10 or Newer Computer to SNAP PAC Controllers”. Talks about the controller network being ‘locked’ at and being unable to be changed.


We are woefully behind on PAC Control & Display versions
We are still running:
PAC Control Pro, Ver 9.0d, Build: June 29, 2010
PAC Display Cfg Pro, Ver R9.0c, Build: July 16, 2010
Up to this point, I am sure we have been “super lucky” that we have not experienced any Opto22 functional issues.
We are aware of the R2 Controller firmware issues in regards to downgrading the Firmware to achieve full functionality with Ver 9.0 with R2 Controller Firmware of R10.x.
We have so many customers, over many years that are running 9.0x that we have not upgraded yet.
We are planning on updating soon and will be utilizing the latest Opto22 Control/Display versions.