PAC Control 10.2 undefined command on new computer

I’m working on a new project in PAC Control Basic 10.2 that I’ve been developing on my laptop. I’m fighting PAC Display on an issue and wanted to test the project on my desktop. I’ve transferred the PAC Control project archive to my desktop, but when I go to download (this is an EPIC PR1 project, but I am testing locally in SoftPAC), I get the following ‘Undefined Command’ error during download:


It seems like the IO unit data is not getting “compiled” into the project. Is there a setting or something that I am missing to get this to work? I’ve tried adding an additional IO point, but that didn’t do anything.

Found the issue, I had an older build 10.2a on my desktop and 10.2e on my laptop. The desktop didn’t recognize some of the EPIC modules in the IO unit with that build. It said unknown analog input or something like that in the IO unit list.

yip, had that same error. Was a rogue IO unit that crept in on the strat

I had a problem with converting from 10.1 to 10.3, Pac Control messed with several variables by attaching them to different variables and it really had a problem with an analog 2 channel output tag.