PAC 10.1 Screen Updating Problem

I have a strange issue with just one computer. It will not update the Display during runtime.

Oddly, the screen will update if you minimize the display during runtime. If you want the current values, you must minimize the display, and them maximize it. The current values will then be displayed, but they still aren’t updating.

I have only one computer that does this. I have switched my program to another computer and that one works fine.

The computer is a Latitude 14 Rugged 5414 Laptop. The Windows version is Pro.

Anybody see this problem before, and is there a fix other than trashing this computer?

Thank you,
Bill Jacob
Process Control Supervisor
Amalgamated Research In,

Hi Bill,

Search is your friend…

The second link has a LOT of hint and tips for your issue, so perhaps read it all the way through before you jump in and make any changes to your PC.

Unfortunately, it is not my friend as we have shut down all other background programs. None of these items are the problem. It’s a brand new computer…and set up identical to all of our other HMI computers. We use the same laptops on all our systems.

This is a very frustrating problem as we have 15 mobile systems with the same OPTO and laptops. How come one does this and no others. I hate to trash this computer as it was $1500.

I read through all the notes and most of these things I had already checked. I was hoping someone had some new ideas.

Thanks for the link to the search Beno. I did a search and just must have not had the right words to look for.



Windows Security
App & Browser Control
Exploit Protection Settings
Program Settings
Add an exception for program name
Set overide to off on “Randomize memory allocation (Bottom-up ASLR)”

Or DisplayR.basic.exe if you are using Basic.

I recall having issues with 2 different computers, even with the settings Phillip has offered (which are a must for proper PAC Display operation). Both had AMD GPUs. I no longer use computers with AMD GPUs for PAC display.