PAC DISPLAY not updating

Hi there,

We are running Pac Project 10.3 and after recent windows updates Runtime does not update variables and button visibility at all ( “live” data does not update). This is now happening on numerous sites.

I have to open another Runtime window and drag it across the screen for the information to update.

Refresh times on groups are set to 250ms - the project and data on screen is not that large

Anybody else experienced this issue or have a resolve?

Hi Jakes, could it be related to this KB article? -

Are you using Windows Defender?

Here’s another forum post with similar issues. PAC Display Runtime running very slowly - displays freezing

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Dan - thank you.

We run AVG anti virus and when I turned it off things were back to normal. We usually create exceptions for our opto22 folders in AVG but this now has something to do with Windows Defender as you just stated. For some reason now Windows Defender is running in conjunction with AVG (which it never used to). By turning AVG off the windows defender also turned off.

Your post solved the issue. Thank you very much. We will have to now create exceptions within Windows Defender and AVG!

Awesome. Glad I could help!