Npm error, cant install any nodes

Excuse the newbie question but I’m running into an issue installing nodes. Heres the log -

2020-10-14T14:31:31.284Z Install : node-red-contrib-persist 1.1.1
2020-10-14T14:48:01.186Z npm install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --save --save-prefix="~" --production node-red-contrib-persist@1.1.1
2020-10-14T14:48:36.546Z [err] npm
2020-10-14T14:48:36.548Z [err]
2020-10-14T14:48:36.550Z [err] ERR!
2020-10-14T14:48:36.552Z [err]
2020-10-14T14:48:36.553Z [err] path
2020-10-14T14:48:36.555Z [err] /home/dev/.node-red/node_modules/function-plot
2020-10-14T14:48:36.558Z [err] npm
2020-10-14T14:48:36.559Z [err]
2020-10-14T14:48:36.562Z [err] ERR!
2020-10-14T14:48:36.563Z [err]
2020-10-14T14:48:36.569Z [err] code EISGIT
2020-10-14T14:48:36.576Z [err] npm
2020-10-14T14:48:36.577Z [err]
2020-10-14T14:48:36.579Z [err] ERR!
2020-10-14T14:48:36.580Z [err]
2020-10-14T14:48:36.583Z [err] git
2020-10-14T14:48:36.584Z [err] /home/dev/.node-red/node_modules/function-plot: Appears to be a git repo or submodule.
2020-10-14T14:48:36.586Z [err] npm
2020-10-14T14:48:36.589Z [err] ERR! git /home/dev/.node-red/node_modules/function-plot
2020-10-14T14:48:36.590Z [err] npm
2020-10-14T14:48:36.592Z [err]
2020-10-14T14:48:36.597Z [err] ERR! git Refusing to remove it. Update manually,
2020-10-14T14:48:36.597Z [err] npm ERR! git or move it out of the way first.
2020-10-14T14:48:36.656Z [err]
2020-10-14T14:48:36.658Z [err] npm
2020-10-14T14:48:36.660Z [err]
2020-10-14T14:48:36.661Z [err] ERR!
2020-10-14T14:48:36.663Z [err] A complete log of this run can be found in:
2020-10-14T14:48:36.668Z [err] npm ERR! /home/dev/.npm/_logs/2020-10-14T14_48_36_620Z-debug.log
2020-10-14T14:48:36.711Z rc=1

When I first started playing with NR I was able to download a good handful of nodes, but at some point I started getting this error, the set up and network hasnt changed so I am drawing a blank. What can I do to fix this? Im running it on a Rio (2.0.1-b119), NR (v1.0.3), and js (v10.16.3)

Ok, well, that was a ‘fun’ 20 minutes… I have never seen that error before so did some Google Foo…

It seems that one of the Nodes you have installed in the past has a .git folder in it and should not have.
Node-RED is barffing on that .git folder.

The tricky bit now is how to fix it… The RIO does not have shell access and I am 97.3% sure that the exec command node is not going to have access to the /home/dev directory in order to remove that .git directory.

Best thing I think would be to backup all your flows separately and then update your RIO (2.0.2 had some important updates).
The update process will wipe clean your Node-RED directory and you can start installing your nodes again and hopefully not the broken one.

Ah that is a lot better news than I was expecting. I think I know which node is hiding the stubborn git (ha :wink: ) Ill update and see what where that leads. Thanks for the quick reply as always beno!